Club member seeks crew: a chance for a *real* adventure

As we keep saying, Lloyd and I are bumbling amateurs when it comes to sailing. Luckily this project seems to have attracted a number of Adventure Club members who actually know what they’re talking about.

One of them is Jerry Clinton, who has already helped us with a number of boat-related issues, and also managed to dig up a very interesting Royal Cruising Club article by Erskine Childers, telling the tale of the author’s own cruise around the Frisians and the Baltic in 1898.

We now discover that Jerry is not content with being an armchair adventurer. He is planning to take his boat Marihona – a craft not dissimilar to Dulcibella – on a summer trip to Norway and back. And he’s looking for crew. Full details of Jerry’s plans can be found here:


Marihona under sail ©Hans Jolivet

As far as we know, Jerry hasn’t got to Kent/Essex quite yet. When he does, we’re hoping to go and meet him and, perhaps, feature him and his boat in a future podcast. If you’re interested in getting on board, you’ll need to contact Jerry via the above weblink.

And don’t forget to stop off in Flensburg on September 26. We’re hoping to be there!

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3 Responses to Club member seeks crew: a chance for a *real* adventure

  1. dick durham June 18, 2015 at 3:07 pm #

    I’m planning an article for Yachting Monthly on your club, podcasts, and adventure. I wonder if your re-enactment of Dulcibella’s voyage in the autumn includes an at-sea section on a similar boat? If so, could I come long for part of it?

    Dick Durham, Editor-at-Large

    • Tim Wright June 19, 2015 at 6:58 am #

      Ahoy Dick!

      Great news that you’re writing article. Thank you. It’s absolutely our intention to get out on boats at key points in the journey – the Flensburg fjord, the Als sound, between Schlei and Kiel, Brunsbuttel to Wangeroog, a trip around Norderney etc. We’re fairly certain we won’t be doing the row to Memmert in the dark, but are quite keen to dare some younger, fitter men to have a go at it for us. 😉

      We haven’t confirmed anything yet because we need to get a good way along with our crowdfunding before we fully commit to the trip. Certainly, if there’s room, you are welcome to join us. I’m not sure which character this would make you, though?

      Best wishes

      Tim (NotCarruthers)

    • Lloyd Shepherd June 22, 2015 at 8:24 am #

      Hi Dick! Thanks for the comment, and lovely to hear you’re planning an article. We are indeed planning some at-sea sections, subject to chartering (or borrowing!) some local boats. You’d be welcome to come and join us – I’ll drop you a line separately when we have a schedule.

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