A Club Member’s own Adventure

Many of you will remember the lovely day out we had in Queenborough over the summer, where we looked at a ship pier which I, notDavies, confidently asserted was the same pier that Carruthers takes the Flushing Steamer from to begin his adventure. Many of you will also remember that this was not, in fact, the correct pier at all, as I explained in a mea culpa post which notCarruthers has had framed and sits behind my head during podcasts.

Well, Club Member Adrian Woolrich-Burt (ahoy Adrian!) took it upon himself to have his own Adventure, travelling to Queenborough to find the pier. And boy, did he find it. At the bottom of the post are some pictures of what he saw, but before that we’d like to share the videos he sent us, which contain the essence of Adventure Club. Adrian, consider yourself promoted to Midshipman, with immediate effect.


Lovely Sun Pic Beach View 1 Beach View 2 Beach View 3

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  1. Jeff Quest December 18, 2015 at 2:24 pm #

    Wow great pictures and a great adventure. I think you’ve found your official ROTS Adventure Club photographer!

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