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Shopping in Kiel (Part 2): ‘cigars and many weird brands of sausage and tinned meats’

I imagine every sailor has at least one story about surviving on a single exotic and/or nightmarish foodstuff  for days. My own tale of woe involves a seemingly endless supply of Batchelors savoury rice served every day for what seemed like weeks, as we drifted slowly across the Hebridean sea during a windless heatwave. I was […]

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The 11th Adventure Club Podcast: boats, trains & Holsteiners

It’s October 3 and we’re being towed slowly down the Kiel Canal, preparing for our boating adventure in the Frisian sands, whilst staring out at the ‘vast plains of Holstein’. We explain the benefits of *pledging your support* to the Club at unbound.co.uk (01:22); Lloyd offers a reading recommendation – The Year of Reading Dangerously […]

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Raven Mixture revisited

A few weeks back, Lloyd carried out some important and detailed research into the ‘Raven Mixture’ tobacco mentioned early on in the novel. He even went as far as to acquire a pipe and pouch of the good stuff for us to sample. It was highly enjoyable, and I experienced what I can only call […]

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The 2nd Adventure Club Podcast: On Guns & Pipes

Since ‘The Riddle of the Sands‘ is so specific about dates, we’ve decided to tackle the book a day at a time. In this podcast, it’s all about September 24, in which Carruthers has the task of responding to the  various requests in Davies’s letter (listen to last week’s episode for full details). Specifically, the task has been […]

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‘A pound of Raven mixture’

It’s quite a shopping list which Carruthers receives from Davies, a list which in itself is a thumbnail sketch of the single Edwardian gent. Nestled among it is a request for ‘a pound of Raven mixture’, with no further explanation given as to what this curious substance is. This is one of those moments when you […]

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